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We support industrial companies in the development of high-performance Product Management organizations enabling increased profitability, volume growth and decreased risks.

As a product manager, your job is to ensure the success in the market place of your company’s products. This is a key role in which you are faced with many crucial questions that are best answered in collaboration with multiple functions, for instance:

In which segments shoud we focus our resources and effort?
How to make sure we truly understand the most important customer needs?
How should we position and differentiate our offering?
How to pick the right development projects?
What is the best way to launch this product?

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As you are solving those challenges with your team, you also have to make sure that the work is executed professionally, with consistent quality, making the best possible use of everybody’s time and of the company’s resources.

At NextGen Value we have long experience of solving these challenges, based on many years in global industrial companies, both as managers and consultants.
Out of this experience, we have selected the most useful tools, and the most relevant best practices. We have defined product management processes and know how to clarify the roles of product management.
Through consulting assignments we want to contribute to your product management success.

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